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What are B Stock Items?

B Stock items are usually products which have been briefly used for a review, demonstration, or evaluation. In some cases they have not even left the building, but have merely been used in-house so that we can familiarise ourselves with how a new product works. 

Unless otherwise stated they come with the original box and all accessories, and also the same Warranty as with a brand new untouched unit.


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  1. HDX-SDI Thunderbolt - B Stock

    Regular Price: £995.00

    Special Price £395.00

    Video/Audio Interface with Thunderbolt™ Technology B-Stock item - previously used for demo/testing Learn More
  2. Stage-B16 B-Stock

    Regular Price: £1,575.00

    Special Price £1,150.00

    16-input stage box and audio interface with DSP and mixing

    Ex-review unit Learn More
  3. Daru Signature LoFReQ Gold B-Stock

    Regular Price: £239.00

    Special Price £215.00

    Solomon MiCS LoFreQ Daru Jones Signature

    Ex-Demonstration unit - used just once for a clinic with the man himself!

    • Brass hardware and signature nameplate
    • Neutrik XLR jack with gold contacts
    • Upgraded, more robust wiring
    • Includes Daru's gig bag
    • Gold sparkle tolex
    Learn More
  4. 112D B-Stock

    Regular Price: £1,475.00

    Special Price £999.00

    Thunderbolt Audio Interface with 112 digital channels B Stock item - used for product demonstrations/evaluation Learn More
  5. BCC-1 B-Stock

    Regular Price: £259.00

    Special Price £149.00

    B-Stock Item - previously used for demonstration/evaluation

    • Condenser broadcast mic that delivers a balanced sound
    • Small-diaphragm capsule for detailed, accurate recordings
    • Tuned grill that eliminates internal reflections
    • Bass roll-off switch that gives extra clarity to lower voices
    • Built-in shockmount that prevents unwanted noise
    Learn More
  6. Extra Vintage  B-Stock

    Regular Price: £111.00

    Special Price £79.00

    B Stock Item; Open (no cover)-50mm

    Even more vintage flavour than a PAF

    • 30% under-wound Extra Vintage has sweeter highs and more detailed midrange than regular Vintage or PAF Humbuckers thanks to the Triple Alnico Tone advantage
    • High-end harmonic clarity shines through heavy distortion, which is quite uncommon with conventional Humbuckers
    • Perfect for the Bridge position and also works better than conventional Humbuckers in the neck position because of minimized woof and mush factor
    • Direct replacement for conventional Humbuckers. 3 conductor hook-up cable allows phase reversal
    Learn More

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6 Item(s)