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  1. UltraLite-mk3 Hybrid

     FireWire/USB2.0 Audio Interface with EQ & Dynamics

    • 14 Output channels/10 Input channels

    • 2 Microphone pre-amps with switchable 48v Phantom Powering

    • Stand-alone operation and metering via LCD display

    • CueMix FX™ latency-free monitoring system with Dynamics, EQ and Reverb

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  2. UltraLite-mk4 B Stock

    Regular Price: £599.00

    Special Price £449.00


    B Stock Item - Box damaged but unit is brand new

    18x22 USB audio interface with DSP, mixing and effects

    • 18 x 22 USB audio interface with 40 simultaneous audio channels — 2 mic/guitar inputs, 6 line ins, 10 line outs, phone out, S/PDIF digital I/O and 8-channel optical I/O for 18 inputs and 22 outputs

    • Superb analog quality with ultra-low latency — Analog outputs deliver 117 dB dynamic range. New, optimized drivers deliver rock-solid performance and industry-leading low latency

    • DSP mixing and effects processing — Flexible 48-input digital mixer with 7 stereo aux busses, 3 group sends, and DSP effects, including reverb, 4-band EQ, gate, and compression

    • Modeled vintage effects processing — Classic reverb. Compression modeled after the legendary LA-2A leveling amplifier. EQ modeled after British analog console EQ

    • Flexible matrix routing and splitting — Send any input to any output, or multiple outputs. Includes routing to and from the computer

    • Web app control — Control everything from your favorite web browser on a laptop or mobile device (table or smartphone) through a shared Wi-Fi network

    • Universal connectivity — Connects to any computer with hi-speed USB 2.0 (audio class compliant, compatible with USB 3.0 and iOS). Compatible with all audio software

    • Comprehensive metering — The large backlit LCD lets you view all signal activity at a glance with detailed metering for all analog and digital I/O

    • AudioDesk — Includes AudioDesk workstation software for Mac and Windows with 24-bit recording, sample-accurate editing and 32-bit mixing and mastering

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  3. 828es B Stock

    Regular Price: £999.00

    Special Price £799.00

    28 x 32 Thunderbolt™ / USB2 audio interface with DSP, networking and MIDI New unit - has small marks/scratches on casing near LCD (see photo) otherwise perfect. Learn More
  4. 8pre-es

    Thunderbolt/ USB audio interface with 8 mic preamps Learn More
  5. Podcast Bundle


    To start recording, editing and producing your own podcasts that sound as good as the professionals you need just a few key items of equipment in addition to your Mac or Windows computer. We've put together a package that gives you everything you need at a great price, with a £100 saving on the individual items.

    MXL 990 Condensor Microphone
    The MXL 990 is a firm favourite with Podcast Authors all over the world, for it's clear and rich sound when capturing the human voice. It's a condensor mic, which means it is highly sensitive, quiet and captures all the subtle nuances of your voice.
    MOTU MicroBook IIc USB Audio Interface
    The MicroBook IIc is an audio interface from MOTU, Inc. , whose audio products are used by music professionals everywhere. This key connects to your computer via USB and provides several audio inputs and outputs, including the all-important connection to your microphone with the 48-volt "phantom power" it requires.
    MXL PF-001 Pop Filter
    A Pop Filter is a very simple piece of equipment that provides a vital function, by stopping the "plosives" - the noise we make when we make a "p" or "b" sound - from reaching the sensitive microphone and causing it to overload.
    MXL BCD Desktop Microphone stand
    This smart and flexible microphone stand mounts securely onto your desk and allows you to adjust the microphone placement to it's optimum position so that you are comfortable whilst speaking while still capturing a good signal with the mic. The stand also incorporates a microphone cable, keeping it nicely tucked away.
    Ultrasone Pro-480i Headphones
    These comfortable headphones plug directy into the MicroBook IIc and allow you to accuretely monitor your recordings.

    AudioDesk 4 Software
    AudioDesk is a powerful piece of audio recording, mixing and editing software that comes with the MicroBook IIc interface. It is based on MOTU's Digital Performer audio production software, used by Oscar-winning composers, among others. With AudioDesk you can edit your podcast and export the finished result ready for upload to the web.

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  6. Trade-In Balance

    Balance payment for MOTU UltraLite-mk4 + micro lite Learn More
  7. UltraLite AVB

    Out of stock

    The latest in MOTU's popular, award-winning UltraLite interface series, the UltraLite AVB is an 18-input, 18-output audio interface with DSP mixing, wi-fi control, AVB audio networking and best-in-class analog audio quality for on-the-go mobile audio recording.
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  8. Digital Performer 10

    Audio Workstation Software with MIDI sequencing

    • Complete desktop studio production.
    • Unlimited sequences, songs, V-racks, tracks, audio voices and undo history.
    • Highly customizable user interface.
    • Comprehensive MIDI and audio editors.
    • Clips window for live performance.
    • Takes, comping and loop-recording.
    • Advanced video/film scoring features.
    • State-of-the-art mixing and processing.
    • Elegant music notation entry, editing, printing and MusicXML exporting.

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  9. DP10 Upgrade - Boxed

    Out of stock

    Upgrade to DP10 from any previous version of Digital Performer

    • Physical package including Installation Disk and printed Getting Started Manual

    NB eligibility for the upgrade will be verified before shipping

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  10. DP10 Upgrade - Installation Code

    Out of stock

    Upgrade to DP10 from any previous version of Digital Performer

    Installation Keycode sent via email (no delivery charge)

    NB eligibility for the upgrade will be verified before supplying the Activation Code

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