K9 Harness

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K9 Harness

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NoSoldering Harness for Strat® with extra switching

Latest "Gen2" model in stock eliminates the need for Harness Adapter Kit

NOTE: Ideally, existing Kinman middle pickups should have 3 conductor hook-up cable.  



Offers all the sounds of the K7 plus more "Knopfler-esque" sounds, as well a high output series sound for overdrive.

Additional four “new dimension” sounds selected with the lower Push/Push pot to re-connect the Bridge & Middle from parallel into series, for boost in output and instant humbuckerish crunch.

Volume pot has the famous Kinman treble bypass filter so you won't lose tone when you turn the volume down.

Works well with Kinman Traditional Mk-III and particularily well with the Woodstock Plus set which, in series mode, sounds fat and furry on the treble strings similar to a humbucker, but with better bass side definition.