To kill hum without killing the tone is a formidable technical challenge, one that Chris Kinman has taken very seriously. So seriously that Kinman makes just one class of pickup: great sounding Zero-Hum (noiseless) pickups.

To achieve a great sound without hum requires advanced technology. Kinman has 7 Patents aimed at doing just that. Chris Kinman is one of the very few Electrical Engineers in the pickup industry and the first to use science to solve the problems of hum-cancelling single pole pickups.

Do you want to hear the true tone-filled sound of your strings without mains hum?

You haven’t heard the true sound of your strings until you’ve heard them with Kinmans.  More detail and sonic nuances and more silent than a regular humbucker.  This is especially true of the Impersonator A56, P-90 Hx and the new utterly amazing P90-Bucker.

Do you like a lively, dynamic sound rich in detail?

Kinman regards dynamic range as one of the most important characteristic of a pickup.  You don't want pickups that are lifeless and sound like speaking with your hand across your mouth.  Chris Kinman incorporates unique technology in all Kinman pickups to deliver very satisfying expressive dynamics as well as the best possible sounds.

Do you wish for more honest natural sustain?

Kinman's Fender® genre pickups have special proprietary low strength Alnico-5 magnets that do not suck energy from the strings and yet the minimized coils are as loud as regular pickups with high strength magnets.  Minimized coils means more transparency and detail.

Our users prove the claim: Dave Gilmour, Brad Paisley, the late Prince, Scott Henderson, Lou Toomey, Rob Harris, Hank Marvin, Bonnie Raitt, Anthony Drennan (The Corrs), Jackson Browne, Michael Thompson, John Farrar..... and countless more! 

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