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Harmonic Apparitions!

50mm Pole Spread; Kin-Chrome cover

Available in 2 versions:

  • 59 LPS (normal wind usually for the bridge position)

  • 59 LPS Light (slightly under-wound and less loud, usually for the neck position)

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The '59 Les Paul Standard is one of the most iconic Les Pauls' not just because of it's stunning flame maple top and beautiful patina sunburst finish but because it's PAF humbuckers sometimes have certain 'hand made' imperfections that produce a unique and highly desirable sound.  Would you like even more of that kind of sound?  The Kinman PAF 59LPS incorporates Patented technology that actually produces and intensifies these sonic characteristics and gives this pickup an abundance of that highly desirable character.  

Quote from Brett Kingman (ace YouTube demonstrator) Their cleans are some of the best I’ve ever heard - which is actually why I love them so much -  so I’d recommend them for blues, funk, jazz and even jangly applications.  Very versatile and also recommended for Heavy Metal, AC/DC grind and any application that calls for a moderate degree of dirty growl similar to other PAF's (in comparison, our PAF Astound produces a high degree of dirty growl).  

Designed with versatility  in mind but we also found that Heavy Metal pinch harmonics leap off the fretboard like vibrant apparitions.  This is one exciting pickup because it is not over-wound and therefore responds to light and shade of pick attack far better then over-wound hot pickups (and most PAF syle humbuckers too).  It's the only Kinman humbucker with asymmetric coils (however is as silent as our other models), this supposedly is the reason for it's exceptional pinch harmonics and exemplary tonal timbre which means you can actually pick out the individual notes in a full-on power chord under high gain distortion.  Also very dynamic with extra punch and a very pleasing tone.

Split single coil sound is the secret weapon of the PAF 59LPS, very Strat-like and has better loudness balance and noticeably less hum than regular humbuckers.

The PAF 59LPS is the slayer of overwound HOT humbuckers.  Try one of these and you'll never go back. 

Available in 2 versions which together we call the '59 suite ....

  • PAF 59LPS (normal wind usually for the bridge position)
  • PAF 59LPS Light (slightly under-wound and less loud, usually for the neck position)

However the PAF-59LPS Light may be paired with the PAF Astound and the PAF-59LPS may be paired with the PAF Plus.

Kinman humbuckers with advanced magnetic circuit technology will take you where no other humbucker can take you …. on a journey into expressive sonic dimensions and tonal Nirvana.

  • High Expression factor
  • Highly convincing split single coil sound
  • Totally immune to microphonic screech and howl.
  • More silent than regular PAF type humbuckers
  • Graduated loudness neck and bridge coils.