PAF Astound

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PAF Astound

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Extra powerful version of the PAF+ for Bridge


Every Kinman pickup is designed to deliver the maximum amount of expression dynamics. This high energy model - the PAF Astound - delivers significantly higher output and extra drive using a highly efficient Patented magnetic circuit that collects wasted magnetism and directs it to the strings and coils where it is used to generate additional voltage and dynamics. Thus you get higher output and increased dynamics at the same time which is the opposite of normal high output pickups The PAF Astound is a high energy version of the PAF+ with an overdose of drive and dirty but defined growl 'n grind for the bridge position.

Awesome dynamic range and exceptional touch sensitivity with ultimate clarity adds a 3rd dimension to the sound that effortlessly cuts through the band. Compared to a vintage PAF humbucker it has better/faster attack, and dynamic response and tracks as fast as lightening in response to blurringly fast pick attack and is very responsive to pinch harmonics and hammer-ons which makes it a must for shredders as well as rock and heavy rock. It growls effortlessly on the wound strings and sings sweetly on the plain strings with an intense harmonic bloom which is not spiky. Split single coil sound of the Extra Vintage is more Strat-like than normal and is proportionately louder compared to the non-split mode than normal.

Recommend mainly for the bridge position paired with a PAF+ or PAF 59LPS in the neck. We refer to the PAF Astound paired with PAF+ as the PAF Suite. Kinman humbuckers with Patented advanced magnetic circuit will take you where no other humbucker can take you …. on a journey into expressive sonic dimensions. High Expression factor Authentic, strong Strat split single coil sound Totally immune to microphonic screech. Absolutely Zero-Hum (more silent than regular humbuckers) Recommend mainly for the bridge position.