PAF Plus

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PAF Plus

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improved Tone / Definition / Clarity & 3D sound (7.5k Ohms)

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A much improved PAF which works better in the neck position than conventional humbuckers and is excellent for the bridge position too if you want less dirty growl and grind than a regular humbucker.  Featuring vastly improved Tone / definition / clarity on the wound strings with minimum blurring from the low notes in the neck position, thanks to Kinman’s Triple Alnico Tone advantage.  The neck position has well defined and clear low notes that have a strong hint of twang and a good dose of piano tones in the mids. 

Split single coil sound is the secret weapon of the PAF+, very strong and Strat-like with almost the same loudness as the non-split mode.  Also noticeably less hum than regular humbuckers.

Recommend mainly for the neck position paired with a PAF Astound or PAF 59LPS in the bridge

Kinman humbuckers with advanced magnetic circuit technology will take you where no other humbucker can take you …. on a journey into expressive sonic dimensions and tonal Nirvana.

  • High Expression factor
  • Highly convincing split single coil sound
  • Totally immune to microphonic screech.
  • Absolutely Zero-Hum (more silent than regular humbuckers)

Patent number 8,791,351 B2