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Huge 3D Fender-ish sound with juicy TWANG

Twang-Bucker:  for the neck position, clear and sharp with terrific juicy twang.

Twang-Bucker Whopper*:  whopper sound for the bridge position, louder and fatter than the above, terrific juicy twang. 

                           *Whopper:  something unusually large or otherwise extreme of its kind (C/ Merriam-Webster Dictionary)




There is nothing quite like the new Twangbucker, it brings totally new and exceptionally beautiful Fender-like sounds to Les Pauls and other guitars with humbuckers. 

It has a clean sparkly sound, sweeter than a Strat pickup, with some of the juice and girth of a P-90; the sound is HUGE and very responsive, twangy and bitey but mellow and sweet at the same time depending on the way you pick or strum the strings. One thing it's great for is clean rhythm chops from the neck pickup like in early Beatles tunes. Of course the Twangbucker can do so much more that that because it is quite versatile. Unlike pickups with adjustable Steel poles, the Alnico rod magnets clean up the wound strings and impart a focused crispness typical of Fender-type pickups.

We call it the Twangbucker because it has one terrific twang (neck and bridge) and because it is silent like our other humbuckers with Zero-Hum. The Twangbucker is available only with 50mm pole spread so is suitable for all applications except bridge position of a Stratocaster® that has a vintage 6 point bridge. 

Reasons it sounds so good: There are other similar pickups on the market with Alnico rod magnets, but these simplistic pickups lack ooomph.   The Twang-Bucker is far more complex and incorporates our exclusive Patented technology which gives it a lot of ooomph, outstanding clarity and explosive dynamics.

The Twang-Bucker has low-string-pull proprietary Alnico-5 magnets and Kinman’s recently Patented technology which increases Inductance without adding more turns of wire to the coils.  That’s the reason our Twang-Bucker has a lot of kick, snap and power and very strong twang; yet is clear and transparent and sweeter than any Strat pickup.

The Twang-Bucker can be installed as a pair, for country twang from both pickups -or- combined as a neck pickup with our Extra Vintage Astound or P90-Bucker in the bridge, if a more conventional humbucker/P90 performance is desired from the bridge …. as in Jazz or Rock or even Country for example.  The in-between sound of a Twang-Bucker in the neck and a P90-Bucker in the bridge is nothing short of wondrous with a woody cluck. 

Big in sound, big in girth, big on satisfaction, the Twang-Bucker may be enjoyed playing Jazz, Pop, Country or anything a great crisp and clean pickup can be used for (Clapton to Knopfler).  Gives a Les Paul the impression of an expensive f-hole Arch Top guitar, sweet, full and mellow and yet powerful and bright. 

Number of parts in this pickup: 29

Number of parts in similar pickup: 22