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High-Output pickup for Bridge position

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This is the bridge pickup in the Woodstock Plus set; AVn-69 are the middle and neck pickups.

You will get Zero-Hum, longer sustain, minimized fret buzz and a loud n thick sound that is great for the bridge position. 

This pickup was designed especially for the bridge position of the Woodstock Plus set for those who like a hotter bridge pickup for easy overloading/distortion.  It has a fatter, thicker sound on the wound strings and has the second hottest output of all Kinman Strat* replacement pickups.  It delivers smooth and creamy distortion, either natural overdrive or through FX without loosing it's edge. 

The Hx-85 works well in the neck and middle positions too where it produces a nice thwack attack at clean volume. 

Works well in any Kinman Goodbye-Soldering Harness.