Hank Marvin Modern Set

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Hank Marvin Modern Set

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Hank Marvin’s modern “Gypsy Jazz” sound

Single pickups in this set are Hx-85 / AVn-63 AVn-63  (on 30-June-16 the Hx-85 replaced the AVn-64 because it's a bit louder and the plain strings sound better)

Best in a Kinman NoSoldering Harness (the K7 Plus is similar to Hank's own harness), allowing you to replace pickups, controls and wiring without soldering

When ordering with a NoSoldering Harness it's recommend to select Kinman Harness Plugs as the Connection Type

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Hank Marvin modern Gypsy Jazz sound

  • Hank's modern Gypsy Jazz sound (for Hanks original 60's Shadows sound choose Hank Marvin Shadows Set); created especially for Hank in 2001 and used ever since by the legend himself
  • Hank also used this set exclusively during the final Farewell Shadows tour in 2004 where he played old and new tunes with the legendary Hank Marvin sound (without the mains hum)
  • This set creates Hank's modern Gypsy Jazz sound, authoritive with excellent projection and clarity not possible with regular single coil pickups
  • You'll love how the bridge pickup never sounds shrill or skinny, it's just so meaty and so rich in twangy tone. Hank loves to really dig into the strings with his pick when using the bridge pickup (AVn-64)