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Classic Authentic lightly-aged Vintage sound


You will get great non-aged sound 1956 Bell ring and focused definition with Zero-Hum, longer sustain, minimized fret buzz with this pickup.

Impersonator A56 (authentic 56 pickups are some of the most iconic Strat* pickups ever, renown for their bell-like ring and extra bite).  Frequently seen Forum comment “Noiseless Strat pickups sound different to genuine single coils”  Until recently that did have an element of truth in it, but not anymore

You will find this remarkable model sounds like a genuine 56 Stratocaster* did when it was new in 1956 .... just superb.  You will also find this is one of the most lively and juicy Strat* pickup we make, it's so alive and juicy it outshines most non-noiseless single coils.  The other is the Impersonator Fat 50 v3.   Archetype Non-Aged Sound delivers exceptional dynamic range and explosive thwack attack, excellent transparent piano mid tones and exceptional bell-like ring and presence, outstanding twang, sweet blooming & biting highs plus excellent note separation.   

Position 2 & 4 produce Knopfler-esque sounds in a set of 3.  Choose an Impersonator Fat 50 bridge pickup if you want a compatible fatter bridge sound, however know that position 2 will be changed almost insignificantly.

Recommended for low and medium gain applications where you need the archetype Stratocaster* sound, tone & feel and nothing less will do.  Great for Surf, Instrumental, Country, Blues, Soft Rock, Reggae, Indie, early Clapton, Hendrix .... the endless list goes on and on.  

Balanced 3rd string loudness, Alnico-K** rod magnets for low string pull and no Strat-itis pitch warble.