iLok 3

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iLok 3

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An iLok is required to store the authorisation for MOTU Virtual Instrument software (MachFive, Symphonic Instrument, Ethno, BPM, Electric Keys & Volta)

Introducing the All-New Third Generation iLok

  • SMALLER - Half the Size

  • FASTER - Twice as Fast

  • BETTER - 3x the Licenses



How many licenses can the new version of the iLok hold?

The 3rd Generation iLok can hold up to 1500 depending on the license type. By comparison, the 2nd Generation iLok can hold around 500 licenses

Does the new version of the iLok work just like the original iLok? 

The Third Generation iLok works the same as the Second Gereration iLok. It is also fully backward compatible

What is the advantage of the new version of the iLok? 

It's stronger, more durable, and it holds over 3 times the licenses

Can I transfer licenses from an old iLok to a new iLok? 

Yes, both the new and original iLoks function the same