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  1. MachFive 3

    Regular Price: £399.00

    Special Price £199.00

    Multi-Platform Virtual Sampler Learn More
  2. MachFive 3 Competitive Upgrade

    Out of stock

    MachFive 3 crossgrade from other software samplers:

    • Ableton Sampler
    • EastWest Play
    • Emulator X2
    • EXS24 (any version)
    • GigaStudio (any version)
    • HALion
    • Independence
    • Kontakt (any version)
    • Quantum Leap Goliath
    • Reason NN-XT
    • SampleTank
    • Structure
    Learn More
  3. Ethno 2

    Regular Price: £249.00

    Special Price £179.00

    Ethnic instruments and loops from around the globe Requires iLok (sold separately)

    Learn More
  4. BPM



    Out of stock

    Advanced urban rhythm instrument Requires iLok (sold separately) Learn More
  5. Electric Keys

    Regular Price: £299.00

    Special Price £99.00

    Vintage electric keyboard Virtual Instrument Requires iLok (sold separately) Learn More
  6. Volta

    Regular Price: £159.00

    Special Price £79.00

    • Standard virtual instrument plug-in that turns an audio interface with DC-coupled outputs into a voltage control interface.
    • Lets you control external modular synths or other CV-equipped gear from your computer.
    • Works with Digital Performer, Logic Pro, Live and other Audio Unit instrument hosts that support side chain outputs.
    • Works with any MOTU audio interface equipped with TRS outputs, including the 24io with 24 TRS outputs, expandable to 96.
    • Provides 24 control outputs per plug-in instance. Use as many instances as needed.
    • Converts MIDI track data to control voltages to play modulars, analog synthesizers and other CV-equipped sound sources.
    • Provides seven different control source types, including MIDI notes, MIDI controller data and audio track automation, plus tempo-synced sources such as LFOs, clock pulses and trigger/pattern sequencers.
    • Sync multiple drum machines, arpeggiators and other clock destinations with independent PPQ resolution for each device.
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6 Item(s)