AC-360-Z v2

AC-360-Z v2

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Conferencing Microphone * NEW VERSION *

  • Designed for use in corporate communication settings like group web conferencing rooms, huddle rooms, meeting rooms, and more

  • Multiple AC-360-Z v2s can be linked together to cover large areas

  • 12 internal capsules for full 360° audio pickup

  • 25-foot audio range

  • USB-C, 3.0, and 2.0 power and signal

  • Simple plug-and-play connectivity, no drivers required

  • Available in Black or White

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Designed for Performance and Clarity, by a Microphone Company

Decades of expertise developing studio-recording microphones is baked right into the MXL AC-360-Z. Twelve internal microphone capsules, divided into four quadrants, ensure 360° of perfect speech intelligibility within a 25-ft radius, without reliance on any additional equipment. 

Built for Reliability and Enhanced Durability
Solid, all-metal construction and a reinforced frame give the AC-360-Z extra durability for shared office environments. The included locking DC power supply ensures that the AC-360-Z won't get accidently unplugged during important meetings.
Co-Designed with Zoom to Offer the Ultimate Zoom Room Mic
When used with Zoom, each quadrant is individually processed and optimized for Zoom Room acoustics and configurations. Multiple AC-360-Z's can be daisy-chained together using included USB-C cables for the large Zoom Room installations. 
Flexible Installation Options, Right out of the Box
The AC-360-Z's rubber feet are removable so that the unit can be mounted directly on conference room tables using the included assortment of USB cables, universal power supply, and mounting pads to enable virtually any installation, anywhere.