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Recording has gone mobile with MXL's Mobile Media Series! MXL's Mobile Media Series is an innovative line of microphones and recording accessories that are compatible with most mobile phones and many other mobile devices. MM Series microphones are designed for audio-only and audio for video recording on the go. 

The way we record is changing. Our mobile phones have replaced handheld recorders for interviews, lectures, and note-taking. Mobile phones have become our video cameras, too. At the push of a button, our mobile phones record audio and high definition video. Videos have become so easy to produce with phones, they are now essential to newsgathering, promotion, and entertainment. Yet, while video resolution improves with every new mobile device, the same has not been true of audio. Until now.

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  1. MM160

    Regular Price: £49.00

    Special Price £39.00

    Lavalier Microphone for Cell Phones & Tablets

    • Natural tonality for capturing voice/speech
    • Small, discreet size is ideal for on-camera talent
    • Headphone output connector built into the cable for audio playback
    • Compatible with most mobile devices with a 3.5mm input
    • Allows hands-free recording of voiceovers, narration, interviews, reports, and presentations
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  2. MM110

    Regular Price: £79.00

    Special Price £59.00

    Meeting Microphone

    • Records audio onto mobile phones and tablets
    • Two capsules capture sound within 180 degrees
    • Gain switch adjusts audio level
    • Picks up speech from small groups of people
    • 3.5mm jack is compatible with most mobile devices
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  3. MM130

    Regular Price: £89.00

    Special Price £69.00

    Handheld Microphone for iPhone® iOS and Android Phones and Tablets

    • Durable metal body
    • Adjustable gain switch
    • Switch selectable omni and cardioid patterns
    • 6.5 ft. Detachable XLR to 3.5mm cable with headphone jack
    • Compatible with iPhone® iOS, Android™ and Windows® mobile phones and tablets
    • Ideal for Smule and other Karaoke apps!


    Mic stand clip
    Vinyl carrying case
    6.5ft. XLR-3.5mm cable

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  4. MM-VE001

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    Mobile Media Videographer's Essentials Kit Learn More
  5. MM-4000 Mini Mixer+

    Portable Analog/Digital Audio Mixer

    • Turns all four inputs into mono out for computer, DSLR or mobile device
    • Line level out for mobile devices; record to mobile device and monitor audio from same jack
    • Headphone jack for direct audio monitoring 
    • USB in and out for audio playback and recording
    • Adjustable output for line level
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