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Handheld Microphone for iPhone® iOS and Android Phones and Tablets

  • Durable metal body

  • Adjustable gain switch

  • Switch selectable omni and cardioid patterns

  • 6.5 ft. Detachable XLR to 3.5mm cable with headphone jack

  • Compatible with iPhone® iOS, Android™ and Windows® mobile phones and tablets

  • Ideal for Smule and other Karaoke apps!


Mic stand clip
Vinyl carrying case
6.5ft. XLR-3.5mm cable



The MM-130 Handheld Microphone is ideal for recording interviews and more using just the mic and your mobile device. The MM-130 works with a variety of cell phones and tablets, including iPhone®, Android™ and Windows®, by connecting to the 3.5mm jack. It can be used for audio only or audio for video applications. The MM-130 has a durable metal body, adjustable gain, and dual capsule. The mic's cardioid pickup pattern targets a subject in front of the mic. The omni pattern captures sounds all around the mic. The microphone includes a detachable XLR to 3.5mm cable with a built-in headphone jack for real time audio monitoring with the appropriate app. The MM-130 can be handheld or placed on a mic stand using the included microphone clip. With clear sound quality and a rugged design, the MM-130 Interview Microphone is perfect for Karaoke apps such as Smule, journalists, students, podcasters, and videographers.


MXL Mobile Media microphones connect to the 3.5mm (1/8") jack on your mobile device (or to an appropriate adaptor if your device does not have a 3.5.. socket. They are compatible with Apple® iPhones, Android™ or Windows® phones and tablets. The microphones can be used to record audio only or audio for video. In the latter case, the audio will be recorded simultaneously with the video via a video app onto one file. 

Most apps will detect the external microphone immediately. No set-up is required. Simply plug in your Mobile Media microphone and you're ready to record. (If the app does not detect the microphone, consult the app's instructions.) 

MXL Mobile Media microphones are ideal for journalists, students, musicians, telecommuters, and mobile videographers. Audio recording goes mobile with MXL Mobile Media Microphones.