Texas Jalapeño Extra

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Texas Jalapeño Extra

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Spicy Texas tone at it's best!
Designed specially for the Bridge position 
Extra output balances well with the neck and middle Texas Jalapeno
Proprietary coil winding technique avoids the thin, overly trebly sound characteristic of some Bridge pickups

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Texas Jalapeño (pronounced Halopeno)- sizzling sweet highs, lotsa spicy presence and aggression when you want it.  "Ancho Poblano" extremo.

Thinking up a name for his latest creation Chris Kinmanwas torn between Anaheim Chilli and Texas Jalapeno, both are great names.  Anaheim is the birthplace of Leo Fender and chilli describes the sound and spicy performance of this pickup very well.  But Texas is BIG and Jalapeño chili is hot enough for a great taste sensation but not so hot as to obliterate the taste of the food.  Yup, that's why we went for Texas Jalapeño.

Strat sound has just taken a huge step up, the Texas Jalapeño overtakes all other Strat pickups with it's spicy high end bloom/ outstanding presence and thumping attack on the low notes, even more than SRV himself had in this piece.  To get this kind of super performance before was impossible without active electronics, but our Texas Jalapeño is a passive pickup ..... "look Ma, no battery" ..... just genius electrical and magnetic wizzardy.  This new Texas Jalapeño replaces the now discontinued Impersonator Fat 50 circa June-2019. 

The neck is versatile and good for SRV pieces such as Riviera Paradise and can do the opening notes of Pride and Joy so well.  The middle in combination with the neck produces terrific new in-between 'strong quack' sounds.  The bridge has attitude, it really sizzles and growls like a Tasmanian Devil, but by utilizing our unique and special coil winding technology we tamed the high end sizzle to it's not too thin and trebly as bridge pickups tend to be.  It's a fantastic pickup for Texas Blues and other emotive musical styles.  Unmistakable Strat sound with every desirable characteristic (except scoop) magnified x 2.5, how's that? 

Set into our K9+ Goodbye-Soldering Harness the Texas Jalapeño set delivers serious versatility that's good from soft n pretty to ferocious rock, even without the aid of distortion pedals.

Recommended especially for ALL clean sounds and does crunch and distortion exceptionally well too.

Outstanding sonic characteristics:  Turn your amp up until its is cooking and you'll be amazed with the ultra high frequency response, sweeter, purer, highs and more dynamic snap n spank than any other Strat pickup.  Outstanding presence factor thanks to more upper harmonics than a regular Strat pickup -and- there is no hint of ice-pick or upper mid spikes - just sizzling sweet gorgeous highs like you've never heard before.  Low wound strings have more than the much desired Fender snap & twang factors and the aggressive sound of Fender's Texas Special is instantly recognized as being seriously outdone, aaaaand without 60Hz hum.  Bloody remarkable.