Traditional Mk-IV Set

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Traditional Mk-IV Set

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spanky but SWEET vintage Strat® sound

Comprised of a slightly hotter AVn-59 bridge & vintage output AVn-62 middle & neck

An all-time favourite with our customers and consistently rated as producing the best genuine old vintage Strat sound of all time

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Kinman felt the Traditional Mk-III was due for improved touch sensitivity so made some changes. This upgrade produces more spank, liveliness and dynamics and the sound is noticeable louder and more substantial too. So here is the Mk-IV set comprised of a slightly hotter AVn-59 bridge & vintage output AVn-62 middle & neck. The previous AVn-62 Mk-III & AVn-56 have been discontinued.

Traditional aged Strat sound without the traditional hum and wolfe-tones (Strat-itis). You can expect to get the authentic old Strat* tone flavor with a set of Traditional Mk-IV; absolutely vintage and as aggressive as new pickups. This set has 'slightly-aged' sound for more defined midrange (less scoop) which gives you better definition for live performances.

This set does not sound exactly the same as new Strat pickups - for that sound choose from the Artist Series and Non-Aged Sound singles like the Impersonators.

Only the most privileged players have heard genuine original vintage Strat* pickups because they are so rare and so expensive. The Traditional Mk-IV set sounds remarkably similar to the best Stratocaster* pickups of yesteryear as they sound today (aged). Complex Alnico character, excellent dynamics, projection and definition that are retained even when distorted. Pos 2 & 4 sounds are not quite as tinkly as new pickups are. Fluid, shimmery, chimey highs (never thin or Ice picky) and more punch and thwack on the wound strings than many new regular non-noiseless Strat pickups. Has a good degree of twang from the wound strings at room volume and thicker, punchier growl than new non-aged pickups at high volume. Absolutely authentic classic gracefully-aged vintage Alnico Strat* tone, with Zero-Hum.

Highly versatile. Buy this set if you want a clear sound that is more substantial accross the entire spectrum and which also has nice high end presence and less scooped mids and a sound that breaks up under heavy pick attack at quite loud room volume.

History:- Mk-I introduced 1998. Mk-II released in March 2004. Mk-III released 7-August 09.  Mk-IV released 15-Feb-2019