For over 25 years, Ultrasone have been producing headphones with great enthusiasm and passion – headphones that stand out for being particularly high-quality and that impress with optimum sound technology. In the year that they were founded headphones were quite different; they were seen as nothing more than functional objects. This is exactly what they set out to change.

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  1. DJ1


    Regular Price: £139.00

    Special Price £75.00

    Dynamic Headphone with Closed Back

    • Powerful 50 mm Mylar transducer produces superior sound pressure and is also designed for high input power
    • Patented ULTRASONE ULE technology to shield magnetic radiation up to 98%
    • S-Logic® Plus Natural Surround Sound technology Perfect for "one-eared" listening. Ear capsules can be turned and folded away. 
    • Folds easily and stows in the included transport bag
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  2. Performance 820

    Regular Price: £139.00

    Special Price £99.00

    Hi-Fi/Studio Headphone Learn More
  3. Signature DJ

    Regular Price: £699.00

    Special Price £349.00

    Strong, emotional & passionate – The development of these luxurious DJ headphones drew on the experiences of DJs from all over the world.

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  4. Edition 11

    Regular Price: £899.00

    Special Price £699.00

    An open headphone masterpiece, handcrafted in Germany and strictly limited: ULTRASONE’s Edition eleven hi-fi headphones with S-Logic® Plus technology will impress you with its airy sound and impressive spatiality

    Complete with:

    • Exclusive transportation bag
    • MOTEGA headphone stand MOTEGA (black)
    • Micro fiber cleaning cloth
    • Detachable premium cable: 4-core, with 2-Pin connectors, 3.0m with gold-plated 3.5mm stereo jack
    • Adapter 3.5/6.3 mm gold plated, screwable
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  5. IQ



    A phenomenal concert room compressed into a few centimetres.

    The IQ - made of superior metal die casting quality - combines the best designs from two audio worlds with its bi-directional hybrid technology. Its unique ergonomics make it possible for the IQ to be worn comfortably for a lengthy period.

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  6. Signature Pro

    Regular Price: £799.00

    Special Price £499.00

    Premium Studio Headphones

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  7. IQ Pro

    PRO In-Ear, 2 different drivers
    • The IQ Pro’s outstanding insulation and unique ergonomics ensure long-lasting uninterrupted use on the stage and on the go 
    • Manufactured from high-quality die-cast metalt 
    • The IQ Pro is equipped with dynamic, powerful 8mm neodymium magnet drivers 
    • A high-quality transport box, one 1.2 m long audio cable, five pairs of silicone earbud tips and two pairs of high-end TX-100 Comply foam earbud tips are included as standard
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  8. TIO



    In-Ears for Audiophiles

    • Natural, distortion-free music playback from professional micro drivers 
    • Durable aluminium construction that's perfect for sport and travel
    • Assorted ear-tips of varying sizes to guarantee a great fit
    • Remote control and microphone integrated into the cable; high quality transport case
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  9. Signature Studio

    Out of stock

    Premium Studio Headphones
    • The Signature STUDIO was designed for modern professional audio applications: these also include mobile use – when editing sound on a notebook, for example – or live use. 
    • Thanks to its closed construction, the Signature STUDIO separates you from the outside world so that you can concentrate completely on your work. This quality also makes the Signature STUDIO a welcome partner in the recording studio..t 
    • The ULTRASONE Signature STUDIO exudes professional elegance. The no-nonsense, robust PRO design is made for tough daily use in the recording studio or on the go. Simply put: the Signature STUDIO was designed for demanding use.  
    • Along with S-Logic® Plus technology – which makes near fatigue-free sound assessment possible for hours at a time – the combination of the Signature STUDIO’s comfortable cushioning and its light weight of only 290 grams ensures comfortable extended use.
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  10. Signature DXP

    Out of stock

    Premium DJ Headphones
    • Closed-back headphones offer particularly good acoustic insulation from ambient noise. This means you can cue and judge your mixes properly, even when the sound system is loud 
    • Thanks to the hinged ear cups, you can listen to the headphones with one ear while keeping the other ear free; with the Signature DXP, you stay in contact with your audience and the atmosphere in the room.t 
    • With the Signature DXP, nothing is hidden from you: the dynamic headphones cover the entire spectrum, from 5 Hz to 30 kHz. From heavy bass sounds to crystal-clear trebles, you don’t miss out on any part of the music 
    • DJs take their headphones with them everywhere. That’s why the Signature DXP is made to survive the exertions of a DJ’s everyday life unscathed.
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