For over 25 years, Ultrasone have been producing headphones with great enthusiasm and passion – headphones that stand out for being particularly high-quality and that impress with optimum sound technology. In the year that they were founded headphones were quite different; they were seen as nothing more than functional objects. This is exactly what they set out to change.

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  1. DJ1



    Dynamic Headphone with Closed Back

    • Powerful 50 mm Mylar transducer produces superior sound pressure and is also designed for high input power
    • Patented ULTRASONE ULE technology to shield magnetic radiation up to 98%
    • S-Logic® Plus Natural Surround Sound technology Perfect for "one-eared" listening. Ear capsules can be turned and folded away. 
    • Folds easily and stows in the included transport bag
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  2. Edition 5 unlimited

    High-End Headphone, Hand-made in Bavaria

    • Hand crafted in Germany. Impedance:32 Ohm. Driver/Driver size: Mylar/Titan, 40 mm. Magnet: NdFeB. Frequency range: 5 - 46.000 Hz. SPL: 96dB
    • S-Logic EX and ULE Technology
    • Ethiopian sheep leather earpads and head pad
    • Three detachable cables
    • High-Quality transportation bag
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  3. IQ Pro

    PRO In-Ear, 2 different drivers
    • The IQ Pro’s outstanding insulation and unique ergonomics ensure long-lasting uninterrupted use on the stage and on the go 
    • Manufactured from high-quality die-cast metalt 
    • The IQ Pro is equipped with dynamic, powerful 8mm neodymium magnet drivers 
    • A high-quality transport box, one 1.2 m long audio cable, five pairs of silicone earbud tips and two pairs of high-end TX-100 Comply foam earbud tips are included as standard
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  4. TIO



    In-Ears for Audiophiles

    • Natural, distortion-free music playback from professional micro drivers 
    • Durable aluminium construction that's perfect for sport and travel
    • Assorted ear-tips of varying sizes to guarantee a great fit
    • Remote control and microphone integrated into the cable; high quality transport case
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  5. PYCO

    In-Ear Headphones
    • Fitted with one of the smallest dynamic transducers in the market 
    • Made from fine aluminium, ensuring high quality and long-lasting enjoyment,.t 
    • Five pairs of silicon earbud tips as well as two pairs of high-quality T-100 Comply foam earbud tips are included as standard. What’s more, a flight adapter and an OMTP adapter for a huge variety of smartphones are included. 
    • The Pyco is additionally equipped with a high-quality cable and a transport box for storage.
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  6. Edition 15

    High-End Headphone, Hand-made in Bavaria
    • The Edition 15 features an innovation in driver technology: introducing the completely new gold titanium compound technology (GTC).  
    • The Edition 15 is the first set of open headphones to feature patented S-LogicEX® technology..t 
    • The Edition 15 is a truly special set of headphones, and this exclusivity is reflected in the materials used.  
    • The Edition 15 is limited to 999 pieces, but each set of headphones has an even higher rarity value due to the unique characteristics of the wood used..
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  7. Signature Studio

    Premium Studio Headphones
    • The Signature STUDIO was designed for modern professional audio applications: these also include mobile use – when editing sound on a notebook, for example – or live use. 
    • Thanks to its closed construction, the Signature STUDIO separates you from the outside world so that you can concentrate completely on your work. This quality also makes the Signature STUDIO a welcome partner in the recording studio..t 
    • The ULTRASONE Signature STUDIO exudes professional elegance. The no-nonsense, robust PRO design is made for tough daily use in the recording studio or on the go. Simply put: the Signature STUDIO was designed for demanding use.  
    • Along with S-Logic® Plus technology – which makes near fatigue-free sound assessment possible for hours at a time – the combination of the Signature STUDIO’s comfortable cushioning and its light weight of only 290 grams ensures comfortable extended use.
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  8. Signature DXP

    Premium DJ Headphones
    • Closed-back headphones offer particularly good acoustic insulation from ambient noise. This means you can cue and judge your mixes properly, even when the sound system is loud 
    • Thanks to the hinged ear cups, you can listen to the headphones with one ear while keeping the other ear free; with the Signature DXP, you stay in contact with your audience and the atmosphere in the room.t 
    • With the Signature DXP, nothing is hidden from you: the dynamic headphones cover the entire spectrum, from 5 Hz to 30 kHz. From heavy bass sounds to crystal-clear trebles, you don’t miss out on any part of the music 
    • DJs take their headphones with them everywhere. That’s why the Signature DXP is made to survive the exertions of a DJ’s everyday life unscathed.
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  9. Pro 580i

    More bass for demanding tasks
    • As a deep bass specialist, the ULTRASONE PRO 580i provides the right sound for electronic music, hip hop, pop, rock, and club music 
    • Based on the HFI 580, like its predecessor provides robust bass reproduction. 50 mm Mylar membranes are perfect for enjoying music genres where powerful bass sound reproduction is particularly important 
    • Improved cushioning ensures that the headphones do not become uncomfortable, even when worn for longer periods. The headband cushioning allows for extended listening sessions with maximum comfort 
    • Frequency range of the PRO 580i is significantly wider than the range perceptible to the human ear, down to an octave lower than the lowest audible frequency! Included with the S-Logic® Plus technology..
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  10. Pro 480i

    Closed-back headphones for your debut in the professional league
    • The new entry-level headphones from ULTRASONE provide the qualities you would expect from the Bavarian manufacturer for an incredibly good price 
    • The 40mm Mylar driver covers the entire spectrum from 20Hz to 20kHz, while the closed ear cup design also ensures correct shielding from background noise 
    • With the PRO 480i, you experience every range of the listening spectrum. The headphones cover the entire frequency range that the human ear can hear, from 20Hz to 20kHz, providing you with the full picture 
    • With S-Logic® Plus, closed-back ear cups and complete tonal balance, the PRO 480i is the perfect set of headphones for beginners.
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